My Plans For This Newsletter

I thought it might be worth putting a stake in the ground and explaining how this newsletter is going to work. Every few weeks, I’ll pick a topic and dive deep into it. These will be 2000+ word posts that take research and a ton of time to pick apart and explore. I’ll then write shorter pieces, and threads like this one to fill in the story around the edges. The big cornerstone pieces will be free, the rest will be only for paid subscribers, so you can support my writing and in turn, I can invest back into the project.

Just a snippet of the topics I’m researching at the moment

  • How have the big newspapers survived when everyone bet they’d be dead by now

  • AI and the group developing GPT-3, the most powerful text based AI that exists

  • A man bought a ghost town near Death Valley, USA and is rebuilding it by himself

I’m also very keen to explore the podcasting element of Substack. I love doing interviews, and where I can get a knowledgeable guest on to help fill in around the edges of a cornerstone piece, I’ll jump at the chance to record it and share it with you.